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I don’t know why I got so involved with this whole situation with Frank Ocean. I just have realized how powerful the things I write are. The Internet is amazing. But, at the same time it’s a terrible thing. I write things for these music websites and seconds later thousands of people are reading it. So when I heard that another blogger capitalized upon the fact that she was given the privilege to hear the personal stories that another man had told through the lyrics of his music for her own gain it made me beyond angry. I don’t want my writing to ever make me like that. And as soon as these rumors hit the Internet about Frank Ocean I felt terrible for him. I fell in love with music around the same time Frank Ocean was deciding to step into the spotlight. I watched him step out of the shadows around the same time that I was starting to take music seriously. This was when Frank Ocean wasn’t Frank Ocean. This was when he was a guy named Christopher Breaux, writing songs under the name Lonny Breaux. If I’m to be honest with myself then I’ll admit I kinda always had the feeling that Frank might be gay. But, it didn’t change my opinion of him. It’s something so genuine about him as a person that translates into these amazing songs he writes. People are just recently catching onto it, but this isn’t the first time he wrote a love song and referred to a male… I’m actually surprised they didn’t catch on earlier. Thinking About You, one of his most popular songs ever, he sings “My eyes don’t shed tears, but boy they pour when I’m thinkin’ bout ya”… Look at the date on the letter, it was written back in December of last year. But, I guess that’s what sets apart a genuine fan of him as an artist and on a personal level as opposed to a music critic looking for her 15 minutes of fame. That letter that he wrote was literrally the most powerful thing I’ve ever read. I just hope that Frank can stay as strong as he has because that was one of the powerful things I’ve ever witnessed and I can truthfully say he’s the most genuine artist I know. I respect him so much more after this. This whole issue just hit me kind of hard. And that’s saying a lot for a guy who shows no connection to a lot of things like news, rumors, and politics. Channel Orange is going to be an amazing project and I can’t wait to support it. I hope that my life and career present me the opportunity to work with, or at least meet Frank Ocean.

Thank you, Tumblr for letting me vent.

I leave you with the article that I wrote covering Frank Ocean’s courageous letter at Def Pen Radio and this quote from Frank himself:

I don’t believe that marriage is between man and woman, but between love and love

- Frank Ocean

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Posted on Wednesday, 4 July
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